A bittersweet article – we would love to be doing this! Unfortunately, more and more we are not able to afford property in our beloved city. Maybe the “techies who are hacking education by homeschooling their kids” can help us hack the real estate market so our group can participate, too😉

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A cohousing opportunity in Oakland came our way last week… thought we’d share it:

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Happy 2012!

We put an offer on 947 Page St. back in October. What an exciting and in-depth learning experience it was. We just heard that the building sold, which means that our offer wasn’t accepted. (Granted it has been over two months, and our broker said “no news is probably not good news”… but you never know, and some of us were keeping our fingers crossed.) We’re looking forward to the next one.

We’re a bit slow getting back up to speed after that exciting experience followed by the holidays. Once we settle on our next meeting date, we’ll get that info out asap. Maybe a ‘New Year’ potluck would be fun!

Happy New Year!      Peace, Happiness, and Blessings for 2012 –

All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.
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947 Page Street

We’ve had a few working meetings since the last post, and another scheduled for November. We really need to schedule an open meeting to meet any new, interested folks.

In the meantime, we’ve found a wonderful building that will work perfectly for our group. Check it out here: 947 Page St.

We’re meeting early to have time to go to Sunday Streets, happening in nopa this time around.

This will be a working meeting and we typically reserve the last hour for visitors and guests – from 1-2pm (we’ll verify this time as the date gets closer). 

Friday’s Potluck was great – we met two new families: Lee, Gillis, and their 2 daughters; & Allen, Jamie and their son. Since we’re at the stage of buying property, it’s nice that both families have been considering buying in our wonderful, expensive city… and hopefully they believe like we do that there’s an economy-of-scale value to buying property as a group.

Use the contact us page to get directions to our next meeting.